Intelligent merchandising

Unique concept

You are a retail chain? You have difficulty in controlling your marketing directives nationally? You feel there are too many stakeholders in your operations? You find that the visual of your outlets is not standard across your network?

We have the solution: A unique concept for large retail chain stores

Working in a constantly changing field, RDTS has developed, with its expertise, a unique marketing concept custom-made for large retail chain stores.

Since 2008, this concept has been proven in more than 600 stores in Canada. Intelligent merchandising means a direct impact on the standardization of your stores and an inevitable positive element on your sales.

Your benefits

  • The control of execution on your marketing directives
  • The standardization of your marketing programs
  • An unmatched speed of execution
  • An dedicated team at your service
  • An instant reaction to the unexpected
  • A more efficient communication channel
  • A strike force which has a direct impact on your sales