Multiply your strengths

National coverage

Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, we are everywhere. We have 4 offices and 15 warehouses across Canada in order to better serve you.  Our team of professionals based everywhere in the country is ready to meet your challenges.

We are dedicated to providing a complete service to our customers;  you are therefore able to store your support material for sale, samples, brochures, etc., in our facilities across the country. Furthermore, with our fleet of trucks, we offer delivery and installation services.

Our willingness and ability to adapt will ensure that your directives are executed rapidly nationally.

Execution of marketing strategies

In order to stand out from your competitors, it is essential to have an impeccable marketing. Our specialist teams will perform to your instructions rigorously. Our specialized knowledge of retail business, the realities of our stores and our pro-activity will also ensure that we will suggest practical and efficient solutions to solve various problems.

Optimization of the positioning

Proper positioning is a key to a successful product. You may have the best product in the world, if its positioning is neglected, you will not get optimal results.

To avoid this, we are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance the products and ensure that their positioning allows an optimal performance.

Speed of execution

RDTS relies on a colossal team of dedicated professionals concerned about the quality and speed of service.  
No matter where in Canada, our people will meet your expectations quickly, offering you an efficient and courteous service while adapting to the particularities of different markets.

Initial assembly

Since the advent of the first large renovation stores in Canada, we have mastered the art of planning and assembling sections in projects of opening new locations.

With its experienced teams, communicative efficiency, pre-assembly preparation, its capacity to adjust, clean and efficient execution, and post-installation monitoring, RDTS is an indispensable ally to ensure the integrity, presentation and positioning of your products, and make sure everything is perfect at the official opening.

Regular maintenance

Our representatives provide a regular maintenance  service that ensures proper product rotation and punctual display filling. Our team uses its good relations with management staff and its creativity to find additional locations to thereby increase the visibility of your products throughout the store.

Underlying all this is based an important step, the control of inventories and orders of the stores. RDTS can rely on a dynamic team with a strong sense of priorities, thereby ensuring optimal management of your category!

Custom-made solution

We can create for you custom-made solutions for all kinds of events and special projects in order to develop your brand notoriety, publicise new products and spread the news through retailers’ channels.

We have the expertise and the workforce needed to successfully realize all your events and special projects.


In order to attract maximum attention of customers to your products, it is essential to plan, in strategic locations and time, information sessions for this clientele.

During these events where the direct interaction with the customer allows him to get all the information he needs to realize his project(s), we put everything in place to make it a unique experience!

Special projects

Whether it is a display, a section, a row, or even an entire category, RDTS has a team dedicated to projects of all sizes. We will take care for you of the communication, execution and follow-up of your development or redevelopment project from A to Z according to a turnkey formula that will meet your expectations.

We have always managed to carry out the projects we were assigned on time and to the entire satisfaction of your ultimate customer, the store!


Some or all your products have a technical complexity that intimidates the in-store sale staff? 

With its experienced training team, RDTS will take care to ensure that your store personnel have a thorough knowledge of each of your products and, consequently, be more inclined to suggest them with confidence to its customers.

Whether it is through individual or centralized training sessions, RDTS takes care of transmitting knowledge to stores.

Talent development

In order to keep his team in constant development of knowledge, RDTS ensures the well-being and success of its employees by organizing dynamic and motivating meetings and gatherings punctually.

At these gatherings, where the contribution of all is greatly exploited, sessions are set up to develop the skills of our staff through interactive workshops, product formations orchestrated by RDTS or its suppliers/partners, and introspective and constructive brainstorming.

Our goal is to continually develop our staff to ensure that everyone has the necessary tools to take you to greater heights!