To be the best, perfect execution is not enough

Beyond the visit, it is imperative to optimize the time in store and digitize the daily tasks in connection with the operational processes of our organization.

A 100% digitalized platform to extract relevant data and provide you the necessary insight consolidated into an automated dashboard.

Analyze compliance and identify recurring issues and their origins in order to put a stable support plan in place.

Business Intelligence

RDTS wants to bring more to its customers to achieve operational excellence.

"This is what prompted RDTS to invest in a powerful reporting platform, unique in Canada, to support all the players in your campaign (RDTS representatives and management, stores, your teams, etc.) in the perfect preparation, execution and feedback of each of the tasks to be accomplished, while providing operational intelligence (Analyzes, KPI's, BI, etc.) "

Operational intelligence

All our RDTS representatives and supervisors work with the Cube mobile app. They transmit their information in real time to the head office and customer coordination teams. 

Every day, thousands of pieces of intelligence and photos are captured on our platform.

Thanks to this information, RDTS brings added value and savvy in its customer approach, by banner, by province, by category, or by industry.





Operational dashboards allowing you to manage and monitor the progress of your marketing actions, in relation to the objectives set.

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