Audit Solutions

Over 30% of retail professionals do not measure in-store execution or the performance of their merchandising strategy. A general assessment of the situation of your brand and products is determined by stores. It is a systematic snapshot observation and pictures, analysis, and evaluation of the overall Visual Merchandising.

It is essential to have not only accurate but all the information and data necessary in order to optimize your marketing strategy. Using regular audits is the optimal way to capture critical data in real-time, allowing you to react quickly and adjust your sales plans.

RDTS remains on the lookout for the insight needed for our customers by offering several 100% digitalized audit solutions that provide you with not only the insight but laid out the way you want to see it. Audits allow you to guarantee excellence in your network of points of sale thanks to more efficient visit processes combining people and digitalization.

Our representatives are equipped with the best digital Retail reporting, data collection, and analysis tool for each of your visits: Cube.

Mixed Scene Audit
Ventes Scene

Proposed solutions

  • Compliance audits
  • Out of stock mission digitalized capture and analysis
  • Surveys & Inventories
  • Physical Inventory of your network
  • Cross-analysis and Business Intelligence
  • Competition analysis, surveys for benchmark

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