Importance of using Retail Audit Services

To remain competitive in today's market, it is crucial to develop and implement an effective retail merchandising strategy. A retail audit is one of the most effective ways for a merchandiser to collect field data that influences the health of their firm and its products. Retail auditing provides key business knowledge to prevent inconsistency of information and help retailers make smart decisions and drive performance improvements. RDTS store audits consist of collecting data from physical store locations to gain information on real estate merchandising compliance, inventory levels, and store associate knowledge.

A retail audit is an effective tool for retailers of all sizes. Working with the right retail audit service provider will help you or your team further streamline your store operations and provide professional guidance throughout the process. Regular retail store audits are the optimal way to capture critical data in real-time, allowing you to react quickly and adjust your sales plans.

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What’s a Merchandising Audit and how does it work?


A merchandising audit can help ensure your displays are in place, your shelves are stocked, and your sales team is ready to sell. It is a systematic snapshot that provides an overview of visual merchandising. 

Over 30% of retail professionals do not measure in-store execution and performance of their retail audit strategy. Store audits determine a general assessment of the situation of your brand and products. Ultimately, the field data obtained provides KPIs that help make marketing strategy decisions, improve product positioning, and increase brand awareness.

Setting clear expectations for field workers, creating a checklist for each store visit, collecting insights to see underlying issues at the store level, and sharing audit data in real-time enables managers and field teams to achieve better results. Implementing these best practices will help you achieve the right retail audit strategy.

Retail audit bridges the gap between headquarters and retail store operations, giving vendors and suppliers a quick overview of the stores where consumers may interact with a product. It's a great strategy if you need insights into store employees and consumer behavior, as well as insights into merchandising or any other in-store challenges.

Retail audit services - Optimize your store operations

Our adaptable retail audit services ensure complete results and precise insights into your retail performance and presentation.

Simply tell us which retail audit solutions you are interested in, and we will develop a customized program for you.

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Why choose RDTS as a retail audit company?

RDTS remains on the lookout for the insight needed for our customers by offering several 100% digitalized retail audit solutions that provide you with not only the insight but laid out the way you want to see it. A store audit allows you to guarantee excellence in your network of points of sale thanks to more efficient visit processes that combine people and digitalization.

Clients are assigned to an experienced specialist who will collaborate with you to develop your marketing needs throughout the process. Throughout the project, your designated specialist will keep you informed with summary reports, crucial insights, and comprehensive dashboards with KPIs.

Our RDTS audit team is equipped with the best digital retail reporting platform and data collection for each of your visits: Cube. Therefore, our team is committed to providing best-in-class retail audit execution as well as evaluating all photos and comments obtained during store visits to ensure accuracy and completeness.

They have excellent insights and retail business experience, combined with the ability to deliver real practical store execution in time. The RDTS merchandising team made a significant contribution in the maintenance and the development of our retail business with our major customers.

Eric Daignault
General Manager of Divisions at Richelieu Hardware Ltd

We regularly work with RDTS for retail audits as they are efficient and professional. Their insights give us an edge in our market, allowing us to improve our decisions and adjust our marketing strategy at store level using valuable KPIs.

Daniel Goulet
Executive Vice-President - Operation, BAZZ

I used retail audit services from RDTS and I was very satisfied with the insight it gave me with our Off shelf programs within our biggest retail customer and exceeded our expectations on KPIs and overall services.

Alain Carle
Director of Business Development - Retail, Leviton Canada

RDTS is a great company to work for! You are not just a number, you are part of a team….you are part of the RDTS family!

Julie McLaren
Territory Manager - Ontario

I have been with RDTS for over 2 years. I absolutely love working here. I enjoy working in different setting and the flexibility to make my own schedule is a definite asset. Management is very approachable and always available for questions and concerns. I plan on staying with the company for many years to come.

Kim Carter
Merchandiser Representative

 J’apprécie vraiment mon travail chez RDTS, j’évolue et apprends beaucoup à tous les jours avec une équipe formidable qui me soutient et m’appuie dans mon parcours! 

Marie-Josée Goyette
Représentante des ventes

 Je suis à l’emploi de RDTS depuis l’année 2009. Ce long parcours professionnel au sein de cette belle entreprise m’a offert plusieurs opportunités d’avancement qui m’ont permis d’occuper une variété de postes intéressants. 

Marc-André Bernard
Gérant de territoire

L’expérience que j’acquiers au quotidien chez RDTS me permet de grandir et de me dépasser autant sur le plan professionnel que personnel! 

Simon Trottier-Lacasse
Coordonnateur – Intelligence Opérationnelle

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