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Retail merchandising is an important process to ensure that the products offered in a store are displayed strategically. How a product is showcased on racks, tables, or shelves can influence its appeal to the observer.

Effective store merchandising draws customers toward the product. Potential customers may find it easier to navigate a retail space if a store merchandiser displays things in a certain way. There are elements of strategy that concentrate on optimizing the display of the most profitable products to help shoppers have a better experience while in the store.

These strategies develop a retail merchandising solution that creates income for the store while also providing value to the customer. Some of the key retail methods include displaying specific items in strategic locations as well as emphasizing the type of goods and services that a store decides to stock based on its intended demographic.


Retail Merchandising Solutions by RDTS

RDTS has established a reputation as a leading provider of retail merchandising services throughout Canada. With extensive experience in merchandising, sales outsourcing, retail audit services, and marketing mix strategies, we can offer valuable insight to help banners, merchants, manufacturers, and clients improve their operations. We are also widely considered an important Canadian merchandiser partner for companies that want to outsource their sales force, set up new stores, increase product visibility, raise brand awareness, and execute well-displayed merchandise.

Our goal is to bring your business’ merchandising strategies to the next level. There are countless benefits to working with a well-known merchandising services company that has accumulated over 26 years of history providing clients with adaptable solutions and up-to-date store insights.

Available Retail Merchandising Services

Corporations, manufacturers, and banners have acknowledged RDTS's reputation for providing value-added retail merchandising services. RDTS offers adjustable merchandising solutions to match your business’ needs.

What Our Customers Think

“I must emphasize the quality of the work received for quite some time by the team in place. We are in fact spoiled by the professionalism of our IMAGINE store merchandisers who week after week not only realize our ideas to modify our displays but above all improve our initial ideas in order to obtain a better visual effect and to incorporate any change with a global vision. We are therefore very satisfied with the results obtained.”
Laurence - Store Director

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Why Choose RDTS?

With more than 11 million store visits, RDTS remains on the lookout for your marketing mix and strategies. We offer several adaptable retail merchandising services that cater specifically to your needs.

We want to offer strategies that promote your products at points of sale to guarantee a return on your investment.

We provide full merchandising solutions to retailers and manufacturers, from planning, deployment, execution to reporting. Our team will have you business-ready and provide you with your must-have insight into the world of data.

Our store merchandisers are equipped with the best digital retail reporting, data collection, and analysis tools for each of your visits through Cube®.


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