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Outsourcing sales has shown to bring several benefits to businesses of all sizes all over the world; it has even produced a new sector of organizations to provide essential retail sales solutions. As a sales outsourcing company, we are part of your team. We work with you during every step of the process, collaborating closely with you to achieve transparent, metric-driven results through the use of our operational intelligence platform, Cube®.

Statistically speaking, 45% of companies in 29 industrialized countries confirm that they will use an outsourced sales team instead of increasing their internal human resources in the next two years. Moreover, 62% of the companies surveyed mentioned that access to labor and flexibility of resources are the main reasons for hiring a sales outsourcing company.

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Advantages of partnering with an outsourced sales team

An outsourced sales team might assist a company in exploring untapped possibilities in new areas. It's difficult for your busy team to overcome technological obstacles, or perhaps you don't have enough manpower to compete. It may also promote time or money savings for organizations that wish to scale rapidly without hiring more full-time employees. Additionally, a sales outsourcing company's perspective is always useful because it can be difficult for your workers to try something new.

The benefits of partnering with an outsourced sales team, like RDTS, are multiple and highly considerable. By outsourcing with RDTS, we focus on control of operating costs, instant deployment of sales professionals, adapting to the client's strategy, network of established contacts, contact and management of major and regional accounts, optimization of coverage retailer geography, savings and ROI, reports, tracking and insight via Cube®.

Retail Sales Solutions

RDTS offers adaptable retail sales solutions, such as:

Why Choose RDTS as a Sales Outsourcing Company?

RDTS remains an excellent alternative for all manufacturers wishing to position themselves quickly and efficiently in a specific market. Our outsourced sales team becomes your ambassadors and is your growth accelerator for your products thanks to tailor-made retail sales solutions. Available, economical, and flexible for manufacturers, our in-house sales team adapts to your commercial issues, in the short or long term, by quickly providing commercial exchanges with decision-makers and especially sales results based on an ROI approach. Building together a professional retail sales team takes time and money. We can help you develop a dedicated team for you.

Our outsourcing sales company collaborates with retail store associates to engage customers, demonstrate expertise, make targeted recommendations, and, most importantly, help close sales.

Combining an outsourced sales team with our retail merchandising services and merchandising audits can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

What our customers think

RDTS is a valuable part of our business model. Being a USA-based company we need a more significant presence in Canada. RDTS's team provides sales professionals who are brand ambassadors of our products that help achieve growth. From the administrative support, reporting, and hands-on approach, I am confident the RDTS has a winning strategy to help position our products in the right markets and help take share in the industry.

Jodi Smith
Vice President of Retail Sales
Onduline North America

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