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Outsourcing in a few figures

Forty-five percent of companies in twenty-nine industrialized countries confirm that they will outsource their sales force instead of increasing their internal human resources in the next two years. Sixty-two percent of the companies surveyed mentioned that access to labor and flexibility of resources are the main reasons for outsourcing.

RDTS remains an excellent alternative for all manufacturers wishing to position themselves quickly and efficiently in a specific market. Our sales professionals become your ambassadors and are your growth accelerator for your products thanks to tailor-made solutions. Available, economical, and flexible for manufacturers, our sales force adapts to your commercial issues, in the short or long term, quickly providing commercial exchanges with decision-makers and especially sales results based on an ROI approach.

The benefits of outsourcing with RDTS

Control of operating costs, instant deployment of sales professionals, adapting to the client's strategy, network of established contacts, contact and management of major and regional accounts, optimization of coverage retailer geography, savings and ROI, reports, tracking and insight via CubeĀ®

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Proposed solutions

  • Referencing in central and stores PK's
  • Order recommendation and training
  • Product demonstration
  • Brand ambassador
  • Business acumen
  • Strategic roll out of new products
  • Product placement and positioning
  • Brand development
  • Store associate training
  • Head office entries
  • Real-time in-store reporting
  • Trade show attendance

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